Kg. Bunut, 89908 Tenom, Sabah

Welcome to The Usuk Initiative!

A home based bamboo drinking straws producer based in Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo.

This is our little initiative to re-introduce the bamboo straw to the public (Sabahan Indigenous people specifically) as something that can do so much more than just a tapai (fermented rice wine) drinking apparatus.

We aim to promote the 3R lifestyle. Reuse and Recycle our bamboo straws will contribute in Reducing unneccessary plastic straw waste. Bamboo straw is 100% natural and toxic-free.

A comprehensive study on plastic pollution indicates that around 8 million tonnes of plastic waste being dumped into the ocean in year 2010 alone. Single Use Plastic Straws are small and very light, they usually doesn’t make the cut into the recycling bin and most of the time being littered and eventually end up in the ocean.

Most plastic waste takes at least 100 years to biodegrade. Whilst some of them may take shorter times to break down when being exposed to elements such as water, oxygen and sun lights as they float around in the ocean (compare to landfills), they are still harming marine animals during and after the process, often mistaken as food.

In 2015, Malaysia has an estimated 26.5 million population between age 5 to 65 years old. If a person use 1 plastic straw a day, the amount of plastic straws discarded would be 26 million per day. That number adds up to 9.6 billion plastic straws wasted in just a year.

Be the change, refuse single use plastic straw!