Kg. Bunut, 89908 Tenom, Sabah

Straw Making Process.

We have a very simple yet complicated bamboo straw making process.



Drill and Sand

Boil and Dry


Pack and Deliver.

Each process begins with harvesting the bamboo in the jungle. Living in Sabah means bamboos aplenty in the jungle, however not all of them will make the cut to be a drinking straw. Once harvested, the leaves will be trimmed and and the bamboo will be cleaned.

The cutting process takes place afterwards. Each bamboo will be measured and cut. Once cut, the hole drilling and sanding take place to make sure smooth sucking surface. The least thing we wanted to happen is our end user getting their lips cuts by our straws. After that we will boil and dry them for a couple of days.

This is where complication usually standing in our way. The drying process usually takes longer when weather aren’t on our side. Once dried, we will begin the QC process. Cracks and other issues will only appear once the straws are dried.

Those who make the cut will be labelled and pack and those who aren’t will be rejected. It is always heartbreaking to reject the straws you have put so much hope and effort into. At the end of the day our customer is still our priority and we wouldn’t want them to receive below standard products from us.

The above repeats the next cycle.

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